Care and Compassion in a Non-Judgmental Atmosphere


Compassionate Women's Clinic in Hialeah, FL

You may have never considered abortion as an alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. But if you are considering abortion, you should be educated. A GYN Diagnostic Center wants to help you make the right choice. There are many very deep and personal reasons why women have abortions. We provide information and counseling that will help dispel misconceptions about abortions. We want you to be equipped to make an informed decision.

Patients at A GYN Diagnostic Center receive professional, experienced care and counseling in a trusting and confidential environment. We understand that this may not be an easy choice and we strive to provide you with safe medical treatment if you are seeking an elective abortion.
Female Doctor Holding Medical Records — Women's Clinic in Hialeah, FL

Our Practice Provides the Following:

  • Professional Abortion Services
  • All procedures are performed by a physician certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Your right to privacy and the confidentiality of the services we provide is assured. Decisions with regard to your reproductive rights and sexuality are just that - yours. And we support you. Married women do not need the consent of a spouse to seek an elective termination.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to help you make informed and important decisions based on your circumstances. Open to individuals, couples and family members, A GYN Diagnostic Center provides information about abortion procedures, birth control and alternative options to termination.

If circumstances find you considering terminating a pregnancy, call A GYN Diagnostic Center at (305) 824-8816 to schedule a confidential appointment. Saturday and evening appointments are available.